Top Dog Promotions - Demolition Derby
Lawnmower Derby and Big & Mini Car Derby
Figure 8 Race
, July 19                                                                                                                                                                      Derby Begins: 7:30pm

Payback Big Car Stock 80's & newer: entry fee $40
1st place $1000 & Trophy
2nd place $400 & Trophy
3rd place $200 & Trophy

Payback Big Car Mod: entry fee $50
1st Trophy & $1,200
2nd Trophy & $400
3rd Trophy & $200

Lawn Mower Derby:  entry fee $30
100% payback

Mini Car Circle Track Race: entry fee $30
100% payback


Rules & Regulations:
Top Dog Promotions Stock Car 2012 Rules

If it doesn't say you can do it - don't do it.
1. Any 1980 or newer sedan or wagon.
2. Helmet with eye protection and seatbelt must be worn at all times.
3. 5 mph limit Pit speed at all times.
4. Top 3 cars are subject to re-inspection.
5. Any controversies or protest must be brought up before drives meeting.
6. Any questions call first.
7. All decisions are final.
8. All glass, plastic, and interior must be removed before arriving at the derby.
9. Motor swaps are allowed.
10. You can weld motor mounts to the frame.
11. You can weld a four bar cage not allowed to touch the floor or fame at any point.   Back bar has to be within 12" of the front seat.
12. Must have stock body bushings and bolt size.
13. No distributor protector or gas tank protector.
14. Batter must be moved to passenger side floor board and covered.
15. Gas tank must be moved to back seat area and covered.
16. Only welding on body seams is 6" of the trunk on the right and left sides. With four other places being wired. If not welded you can wire in 6 places.
17. All doors may be wired in 4 places with 3 pieces of wire.
18. Hood can be bolted or wired in 6 places.
19. Bumpers can be any year and interchanged. Bumpers can also be welded on. Bumper seams cannont be welded.
20. Bumpers can only be 22" in front and no lower thn 16" in back.
21. Car suspensension must have bounce.  Not just in tires.
22. You can change rear-ends.  Only 5 lug rear-ends allowed.
23. You can put 2 bolts in fenders with a 2" washer on the outside.
24. No welding on the frames.  No plates on the frame anywhere. Only place being welded should be motor mounts and bumpers.
25. Call with any questions
***NEW 2012 RULE**
26. You can weld one (1) 3" x 10" plate per door seam.
27. You can weld one (1) 3"x5" plate per frame rail. It must be bent or rusted in that spot.  Must be on pre-rans.

1. Any year, four or six cylinder car with 105.5 in wheel base or less.  Must be unibody and no AMC pacers. 109" wheel base for front wheel drive cars.
2. Helmet with eye protection and seatbelt mustbe worn at all times.
3. Pits 4 mph max.
4. Top 3 cars in feature are subject to re-inspection.
5. Any controversies or protest must be brought up before drives meeting.
6. Any questions call first. If it doesn't say you can do it, don't do it. *Clarification on some rules from phone calls maybe determined the day of the derby, due to interpretation of rules by car builder.
7. Judges decisions are final.
8. All glass, plastic, and interior must be removed before arriving at the derby.
9. Motor swaps are allowed. Motor can be welded or chained with two pieces of chain no longer than 10 inches per chain.
10. Distributor protectors are allowed with a kicker bar but can't be elded or bolted to the protector. Firewall cannot be reinforced, but you can run a three inch wide 1/2 thick window bar, but cannot weld to the protector.
11. You can run a 4 point cage around the driver which consist of bar across the dash which cannot be within 5" of the firewall. A bar behind the seat and it must be within 12" of driver seat, and 2 door bars connecting the dash and seat bar. You can run a roll over bar that has to connect to the rear seat bar. The roll bar can be welded to the frame and bolted in 3 spots to the roof. The roll bar is the only bar that can be welded to the frame.
12. All electric fuel pumps must shut off with key or have a separate switch that is clearly marked.
13. Gas tank protector maybe used. These protectors cannot be wider than 24 inches at the widest point, no exceptions. The protector can go to the rear floor pan but not bolted or welded. If you have gone overboard you will cut it out.
14. Batteries must be moved to passenger floor board and covered.
15. All body seams may be welded. If floors are rusty you may patch with sheet metal only.
16. Bumper shocks can be welded solid. Bumper shocks must remain in factory location if you move them the shock cannot be longer thn 12". NO EXCEPTIONS. You can run homemade bumper shocks (2x2tubing) but no longer than 12". If car is rusted or pre-ran you can patch it back with a total of 6 - 4x4 plates 1/4 thick max. We musts be able to see the rust and NO plates on fresh cars unless rusted, if pre-ran must use plates to fix bent spots.
17. Height limit is 22" to bottom of bumper max and no lower than 14".
18. Bumpers are interchangeable any year.  You cannot reinforce bumpers.
19. You may bolt or wire your hood in 6 places, hood must have 12x12 hole. Core support may be wired to front bumper, but no wire in front of the radiator. You may run 2 2" wide 1/4 thick straps from core support to bumper. You can run a 24" piece of angle iron in center of radiator support on top. If radiator support need repaired you must use sheet metal. Hood must be open for inspection.
20. You can weld the trunk with 3 1/4" thick metal. You can run three 3" wide 1/4 thick straps from the trunk lid to rear bumper. If car is wedged or unable to see in trunk you may be asked to cut a hole in it for inspection reasons.
21. You cannot weld the sway bar to engine cradle or frame. It must stay in factory location or removed. You can weld to lower a-arm.
22. You may reinforce struts and a-arms but you cannot completely sleeve the strut. You can weld or chain coil springs in.
23. You may bolt your fender and quarter panels with up to 6 bolts. You may repair panels if ripped open but you can only over lap rip 1" with sheet metal. You may not re-skin your body panbels. If you have gone over, you will have to cut it.
24. Factory leaf sprung card can build springs to 5 leafs per side max.  Springs don't have to stagger.
25. Suspension does not have to bounce. You can run solid suspension such as using all thread as shocks. You cannot conver coil sprung cars to leaf.
26. All coars must have fan covered at all times.
27. There will be no pinning of frame rails in anyway.
28. Watch schedule for front wheel drive class only.
**NEW 2012**
29. You can run a back window bar on trunk style cars! In hatch back cars the back window bar must be 14" or more away from the back bumper.

Top Dog Promotion Lawn Mower Rules Apply.

Top Dog Promotions reserved the right to reject any entry for any or no reason. All judges decisions are final. Owen County Fair Board and Tjop Dog Promotion are not responsible for accidents, lost or stolen items. We will not be responsible in any way for injuries or damages of any kind at the event.
Any questsions, contact: John Peck (859) 393-8693


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